Nutrella ChefBot
Nutrella wanted to make home snacking easier and more enjoyable, so we joined the chatbots’ trend and created Nutrella's ChefBot, a virtual cooking assistant that helps users find and choose the best recipe for any moment. We developed a bot on Facebook Messenger that filters your needs through a series of questions,  where users would indicate how hungry they were, their taste preferences and how much time they could spend preparing the meal. At the end, it offered a list of exclusive recipes matching the answers. We created all dialogue from start to end and added funny gags along the way.
The campaign was launched with film and heathy food advocates, such as the actress and TV presenter Fernanda Souza, the creator Carla Lemos (from the blog "Modices"), the youtuber Francielle Nogueira (from the YouTube channel "Vai Comer O Quê?") and the nutritionist Bianca Naves. The influencers produced casual and super fun videos to activate the campaign. In addition, micro-influencers received exclusive kits specially made for the campaign and posted the news through their social networks.
Client: Nutrella
Agency: DZ Estúdio (Brazil, 2017)
Role: Head of Creative
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