Nutrella Viva Campaign
Nutrella is a Brazilian brand and one of the top sellers in the F&B market - always seeking to improve health benefits of their products. We launched their new bread line, Nutrella Viva, exploring the clean label concept: products made only with known ingredients and with no artificial additives. The campaign was created for women who had interest in wellbeing, physical activity, and healthy eating. Women who take care of both body and mind. To encourage self-knowledge, we created the campaign: the Viva Manifesto.
We told the story of three women whose lives were transformed after allowing themselves to experiment new things. The activation took place in the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, where the product was initially launched. We counted with several digital influencers, especially the charismatic actress and TV host, Fernanda Souza who gave voice to the manifesto.​​​​​​​
To gather all content we developed a website where users could find all the campaign films, technical information about the products, recipes, and content to help improve their wellbeing.
Client: Nutrella
Agency: DZ Estúdio (Brazil, 2018)
Role: Head of Creative
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