Peloton Member Stories Germany
"Peloton Member Stories" is a project to celebrate the incredible community Peloton has. The project has been extended to the German market and it's now featuring 2 incredible members. Erika Rischko, a famous fitness Tiktoker (check below) and Melanie Leupolz (to be launched), a professional footballer who plays for the Germany National Team and also for Chelsea.
In the film, Erika & Dieter revealed their secret: building a life around love, respect, adventure and a belief that you’re never too old to do something new and exciting - like becoming TikTok legends. The film was a hit with viewers. So much so, that we want to create a follow-up social campaign that taps into their incredible lust for adventure and fun, wrapped up in their amazing closeness and love for each other. So we invited them to London - for a techno adventure!  Would they say yes to a live techno class with our german Instructor Erik?  Of course they did.
Techno Adventure
Client: Peloton (London, 2022)
Role: Senior Art Director

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