Piccadilly Projects
Between the years of 2015 and 2018 I worked as Head of Design/Creative at DZ Estúdio and one of the most important clients was Piccadilly, a Brazilian shoe brand. During this period we developed diverse creative content for important dates and events.
Website: Management, Content + UI
Our first task for Piccadilly was to develop a brand new website. And every six months we updated it with new content and a new visual design.
Woman's Day Facebook Canvas

“Behind every man there is a great woman” is a common saying, but it’s definitely untrue for us. In fact, we believed that behind every woman there is always other inspiring women. A feminine circle of empowerment. We created a campaign showing who is behind two special women in Brazil. Specially produced for the canvas format on Facebook, we first introduced the woman and why she is inspiring for us, and scrolling down we showed who is the special woman behind her.
Autumn Collection Trends
Every six months, Piccadilly introduces a new collection to their clients. For this launch we produce 3 special videos to present the trends of the season. And we showed that every pair of Piccadilly shoe was made for all sorts of occasions.
A special moment for Woman’s Day
We are always trying to change our photos adding filters and different apps to make it look better. We tend to not accept our true-selves. For that reason, we invited women to enter a booth and take a photo, which you had to select a type of filter and print. When the photo was revealed, they realised the image was without any changes. We wanted them to notice what an incredible and unique women they already are, because we believe we don’t have to change a single thing about our selves. Every woman is unique.
Social Strategy
We also were in charge of all social media presence of Piccadilly. And we created a “social guideline” with strategy and visual approach too. With 5 different pillars, we had a special team organising the month, posting the right material on the right days and audiences. Every month we presented a media report showing every detail, all the results and the most engaging posts.
Facebook Success Case

Along the years we created a consistent Facebook presence for Piccadilly. And we were pleased to hear we were placed as “Facebook Success Case”, as a result of significant numbers and engagements. Link: facebook.com/business/success/piccadilly
Client: Piccadilly
Agency: DZ Estúdio (Brazil, 2015-2018)
Role: Head of Creative + Lead Designer (UI/UX)
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