The end of the planet
Every year Brazil hosts one of the biggest music festivals in the country: Planeta Atlântida (Planet Atlantis in english). It's always expected to have people guessing what the line-up is each year. For the 2012 edition, we wanted to do something different. Getting on board with the superstition that was the year of the end of the world, we created a teaser phase in late 2011, casting 2 boys who were in the future and survived the end of the world in 2012. The campaign started in a series of TVCs and eventually led people to interact and drive the campaign forward on the digital platforms. Creating a perfect and one of the first 360º campaigns in Brazil.
In the films we could see this dark and devastated world, where they found a strange device that connected to the past. Weirdly funny, they kept messaging people from 2011, telling users all the bands and singers that played that year. This mechanic drove people back to the website everyday to find out more and more about the line-up. 

Scamp prototype


Scenario Mood board

They were also able to send time capsules with messages, hidden across the cities, generating a fun treasure hunt for everyone.
The teaser campaign was a major success and massively increased the fanbase across all digital platforms. Everyone was talking about it. After the teaser, we started the conversion phase in order to achieve all the sales goals. With a more informational approach, below you can see examples of the developed materials about the festival, line-up, events and latest news. This project won Gold at the Wave Festival.​​​​​​​
Client: Planeta Atlântida
Agency: 3yz – Later Ogilvy (Brazil, 2011)
Role: Senior Art Director
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