Sicredi Christmas
Sicredi is a Brazilian bank and its main value is cooperation, all associates have the voice to drive the business forward and make important decisions. For Sicredi's Christmas campaign, we told a different story of Santa Claus and his helpers, creating an innovative two-screen experience.
First a single storyline was created, on the right side you could see Santa working alone to deliver all the Christmas presents and on the left side we see all the helpers that truly make everything happen.
We then separated this story into 2 videos, and along with a development team, created a mechanic where the two devices could synchronise and play the video together.
With a simple platform, the user just needed to fill a code on each device and voila, the video would play instantly. You can check the full magic bellow. :)
Client: Sicredi
Agency: DZ EstĂșdio (Brazil, 2016)
Role: Head of Creative/Design 
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