Sicredi TV Series
Sicredi is a different type of bank in Brazil, cooperation among all associates is what drives all their business. Every year Sicredi creates special TVCs for the most important dates of the year: Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas. For 2018, our strategy was to create the Sicredi neighbourhood -characters that lived in the same building, and throughout the year each appeared in different films, strengthening the connection between them, crossing over the stories, and creating what we named: The Sicredi TV Series.
In addition, between each date, we also create special social media films using the same characters to talk about Sicredi products, as well as extend the TVC a little further driving curiosity for the next chapter.
This project was a collaboration between two different agencies (yes, the philosophy was applied here as well).
Client: Sicredi
Agency: DZ Estúdio (Brazil, 2018)
Role: Head of Creative

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