Sicredi World Cup
For the 2018 Russia Cup, Sicredi partnered with Visa for a special promotion. The campaign was fully digital and with decisive media strategies involving geolocation and special segmentation. We ended up with surprising results, such as a 15% increase of new members when compared to the same period of the previous year. Our goal for this campaign was simple, to encourage consumption of VISA credit cards, strengthen the relationship with members, generate interest for the brand and restore Sicredi’s awareness.
Deep understanding of our target preferences and to know exactly where the audience was at all times was the main media strategy.
Making sure we were targeting the right person at the right moment. And to guarantee relatability we created different characters and placed them across distinct backgrounds.
Meeting your friends at a bar...
We reached 63k Visa cards requests and we impacted more than 5.2mi people across Brazil.
Client: Sicredi
Agency: DZ Estúdio (Brazil, 2017)
Role: Head of Creative
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